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Learning by Experience: WORD-TRAVEL

Applying our group of performers' know-how of their own cultures and their intimate knowledge of day-to-day life in Japan!
The Performer's expertise in getting people really involved with their senses, understanding and emotions:
This program intends to intermediate, of if necessary, break through the "Us vs Them"-dilemma that often inhibits and befuddles Cultural exchange.
This experience is a precondition and prime facilitator in practicals like learning Foreign Languages, Appreciating Art, and the learning "to be with" the exceptionally dumb/clever.; in other words a necessary ingredient in the lifelong school of learning to live with the unsuspected "Nail that sticks out".
Conveying the "feeling" of the essential experiences as lived in non-Japanese environments
Group-life, initiations; personality-forming events and experiences in other cultures.
Target is to give the audience the experience of the same group in the country of the performer. By preparing for months (making drawings, clothes, musical instruments, learning some dance-steps) by different age-groups is the ideal learning-situation, as you can see in the photographs of Samba in a kindergarten in Amsterdam
We select our performers carefully;
Unto now only 2 performers qualified:
Rene in front of a Japanese class re-playing a Dutch children's birthday at primary-school, and
Orlando using the Talking Drum to have the children experience African war and love, nature and spirits by having the children, dance, sing.

Rene Bosman; Clown, Mime, Juggling, Balloons